Gardening Tips for Smaller Spaces

June 2019

Condo gardens require residents to be more efficient with their space.  This smaller footprint does not mean you need to give up the joys of gardening.

Designing a condo garden requires thinking about how to use the space.  As an extension of living space, consideration needs to be given to privacy and seating.  Wall space can be used for climbing vines.  If barbecues are allowed, this requires space before planning for plants.  Those who want to grow their own food can cultivate a surprising number of vegetables, fruit and herbs.  Local noise and traffic can be “hidden” by incorporating a moving water display.

Hanging baskets, wall mounted planters and window boxes can help maximize available space.

Practical vegetables for condo gardens include lettuce, tomato, basil and spinach.  Varieties of cucumber, radishes, onions and squash also grow well in small spaces.  Dwarf plants offer smaller versions of larger plants.  Many are slow growing so don’t require as much space.

Flowers that can grow vertical on a trellis or wall include honeysuckle, wisteria and roses.