Garage Cleaning

August 2022

Anyone who owns an automobile and resides in a high-rise building is familiar with the annual event when vehicles must be removed from the garage for cleaning.

High-rise buildings usually have an underground portion which serves as both parking and the foundation on which the building sits.  Maintaining the integrity of this space, including regular cleaning, is important.

Finding temporary parking can be a challenge.  Local streets may not allow parking or have insufficient space to accommodate affected residents along with daily visitors to the area.  Proactive management may have made temporary arrangements for vehicle parking on local streets or lots.  Many must pay to park in a nearby parking lot.

Garage cleaning is more than a matter of cleanliness.  Underground garage cleaning, and above ground cleaning of parking areas, is necessary to avoid premature degradation and repairs.  Vehicles that enter the garage leave behind oil, water and various contaminants.  They track in salt and de-ice products during winter months.  Parked vehicles may leak oil and other material on the garage floor.  These products can corrode a parking garage structure if not removed.

Condo rules may prohibit vehicle repairs, oil changes and cleaning in parking areas to minimize the volume of corrosive material on parking structures.

When informed, residents are expected to remove their vehicle and other items in the space for cleaning.  Some choose not to comply and spaces may not be cleaned.  Owners may be charged for a “special visit” which may be passed on to their tenant.  This is preferable to having all owners pay added costs due to actions of a specific individual.