Gambling with Snow and Ice

October 2022

Opinions vary about frequency of snow clearing and use of salt.  Some feel their condominium’s contractor uses too much salt which gets tracked into homes and damages floors or walls.  Others, more concerned with the risk of slipping and falling, feel more salt is needed.

Most condominium corporations are required to maintain common areas which includes removing snow and ice from walkways, driveways and parking areas.  They also have an obligation to ensure the reasonable safety of those on the property.

If concerned about the amount of salt being used or the extent of snow clearing, management or the board should check with their snow removal contractor.  The amount of salt used or frequency of snow clearing may relate to drainage issues, exposure to elements or risk of slip and fall accidents.

Alternatives to salt include sand or de-icing products which can be less damaging to landscaping, internal finishings, asphalt, concrete and underground garages.  Residents may prefer use of these products.