Fob Verification – Letter to the Editor

January 2024

I received a forwarded email from my landlord by the Management Office regarding condo fobs and remotes.  For security reasons they are commencing verification of fobs and remotes from all tenants and owners.  All persons are to be physically present with their fobs and remotes for registration purposes.  Included in this will be vehicle, pet and parking spot registration checks.

Is this legal?


S. D.


Response from Toronto Condo News

Your community is taking measures making it more difficult for individuals who should not have access to your building.  This is a best practice and to be commended.

The condominium corporation is responsible for all activities occurring in the common areas of its building.  This includes being aware of who is accessing the property.

Fobs can be duplicated which presents a security risk.  An audit or verification as you describe protects against this.  See Fob Counterfeiting in the Condo Archives for more information.

Verification of fobs and remotes, and requiring residents in possession of them to be present for this verification, ensures only those individuals entitled to access the building have these access devices.  Unverified building access devices should be deactivated.

Likewise, all vehicles in parking areas and pets residing in units should be known to the corporation.  Over time, pet situations and vehicle possession changes without management being notified.  A periodic verification such as you describe ensures that corporation records are updated.

In the absence of fobs and remote access devices, building residents rely on keys to enter a building.  Copies may have been made for family, friends or contractors.  Security is harder to maintain since changing locks require that all residents obtain new keys.

As a tenant, you are required to comply with the condominium corporation’s governing documents which includes this verification if you want continued access to the building and its common areas.  If your landlord is also in possession of any building fobs or remotes, they would also be required to comply with this verification process.

It sounds as if your board and building management are taking security seriously.  This reduces the risk of theft or damage, and increases your safety.

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