Flying the Canadian Flag

June 2019

A Canadian soldier was ordered to take down the Canadian flag and pole attached to his condo unit.  Social media and the press presented this as a heavy-handed condo board being unpatriotic.  Similar stories periodically crop up, usually around Canada Day when many want to display their patriotism.

Major Michael Mitchell was told to take down the flag and the pole he affixed on the garage of his townhome.  Most condominium corporations allow for this around Canada Day.  Leaving the flag up for an extended period presents certain challenges.

If any owner is allowed to fly the Canadian flag on common areas of the property what other rules can be ignored?  Can anyone attach a flagpole to common property possibly causing damage?  What happens if each resident chooses to display their patriotism in a similar way?  Who maintains the flags and ensures they continue to fly undamaged?  Can other flags be publicly displayed?

There appears to be no easy solution.  Condominium corporations are encouraged to allow the display of the Canadian flag.  They can also regulate whether they will allow it on common elements.