Five Rules Residents of Your Condo Are Breaking

September 2015

Condo resident and Realtor David Fleming identifies, from his personal observation, the most commonly broken rules in condominiums.

Garbage Chute Abuse

This is a broad list that includes garbage left on the floor – “human beings lack common courtesy and respect for other people”, late night use of the chute – why leave a mess to clean up in the morning, large items down the cute and ignoring all efforts to recycle.

Abusing “Visitor” Parking

Some encourage family and friends to use free “visitor” parking to save money. Then there are residents who prefer to use visitor parking rather than pay for a space.

Disabling The Fire Alarm

Monthly fire alarm announcements, and extended late night announcements “because somebody burnt a pizza in the oven” that continue until the Fire Marshal arrives and allows the alarm to be silenced, are not appreciated by all. Some condo residents respond by cutting the wires on the speaker.

All Renovations Require Permission

Some condo boards are unclear about what work does require approval and can be very slow in granting this approval for even basic work. When dealing with deliveries and contractors it may be easier to not bother with obtaining approval.

No Barbecues On Outdoor Space

Barbecues are illegal on “balconies, terraces or other outdoor space unless there is a gas-line built into the exterior wall of the condo, or the condominium’s Declaration specifically notes that barbecues are permitted.” There appear to be many barbecues on balconies where they seem to be prohibited.

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