Fire Sprinkler Warning

July 2024

Sprinkler systems are not for hanging clothes.

These systems hang from ceilings and are not designed to handle the weight of clothes or other items.

Should a sprinkler unit break, an enormous amount of water comes out with no way to stop it.  The water is filthy, may contain debris, and will damage multiple units as it travels down to the lowest level of your building.  Dirt, small pieces of metal and chemicals left in pipes since the building was put up will come pouring out.

One Toronto condo owner set off a fire sprinkler in his unit after hanging clothes from a sprinkler head.  This set off the fire alarm while flooding his and several other units.

Fire sprinklers are part of a building’s fire suppression system.  They are to be maintained by management.  Use of fire sprinklers for any residential purpose can cause damage and put others in danger when a fire emergency arises.