Fire Alarm Systems

September 2019

Your condo fire alarm system is designed to determine the presence of a fire and notify building occupants.  It includes a central control panel.  Smoke detectors and manual pull stations are located throughout the building.  Warning bells and lights are intended to notify residents of an emergency situation.  All these components are connected by a complex wiring system.

Fire alarm systems require regular maintenance.  Eventually, as with all systems, replacement is necessary.  Failure to properly maintain a fire alarm system increases the likelihood of premature failure and emergency replacement.

Routine maintenance will identify when it is no longer economical to repair problems.  Replacement parts may no longer be available, frequency of repairs may be excessive or maintenance costs become higher than replacement cost.  Replacement generally occurs after 20 to 30 years.

Dealing with elevator and fire system upgrades at the same time can simplify ensuring systems are in compliance with current building code.  Newer systems will automatically recall elevators to the lobby during a fire emergency and ensure residents are unable to activate them.

Fire alarm systems are complex.  They require regular maintenance, and replacement at regular intervals, to ensure they continue to serve building residents.