Finding Condo-Specific Expertise

March 2023

That person you used for renovations, repairs or other work may not have the expertise for working in your high-rise condominium.

High-rise homes are constructed differently than houses.  They include concrete floors and ceilings.  Some floors and walls provide greater sound protection than between the floors and walls of a house.  Sound that does pass through can disturb other families.  Walls can be narrower and utilize different material.  Plumbing and electrical systems differ.  Smaller spaces make it harder to do certain types of work.  Deliveries and disposal of larger items requires planning and reserving an elevator.

Renovations can be restricted to weekday and daytime hours to minimize disruptions.  Concrete walls should not be damaged or removed.  Debris must be stored in the unit and taken off-site by the contractor with no temporary storage available.

Everyone deals with flooding at some point.  A damaged hose or connection from the dishwasher or clothes washing machine, or overflowing toilet are not uncommon.  After the source of water has been repaired, it can be easier to replace a few tiles than look for or address underlying damage.  Nobody else knows if there is damage or mould beneath that repaired floor in a house.  In a high-rise condominium, water and mould growth can spread to units nearby and below.

Condo-experienced means understanding and working within condo rules and regulations.  It means ensuring standards of quality that don’t risk your safety and that of neighbours.  When something goes wrong or a mistake is made – they do happen – condo-experienced means proper insurance which protects you from personal liability.

Condo Resource Guide helps those who reside in and manage high-rise buildings find condo-experienced contractors and service providers.  It includes hundreds of vendors offering high-rise and condo-specific expertise.

Condo Resource Guide 2023 is now available and can be found here (click here).

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