Fighting Back against Kickbacks

June 2020

Kickbacks offer someone in a position of power a way to personally gain from their position.  The offender may be a board member, condominium manager, superintendent or committee member that has found a way to personally benefit when hiring vendors, purchasing supplies or bidding out projects.

The offender typically receives financial benefits or services in return for directing business to someone.

Kickbacks arise when a contractor or service provider wants to maintain a relationship with, or gain access to, a building or community.  They may approach one or more individuals asking for their “support” when it comes time to select a vendor.  They may provide “extras” to induce certain individuals to support them possibly ignoring price, qualifications or other factors.  These “extras” may include cash, travel, tickets or other benefits in return for being selected.

Kickbacks, a form of bribery, are rare but do happen.  Holiday gift cards or other small gifts given unconditionally differ in that they are not directly tied to future business.

Kickbacks provide a motivation to work against the best interest of a community.  Those found accepting them may be removed from their position of power.