Fighting Apathy

November 2018

Apathy may be one of the main deterrents to condo directors successfully managing their condo corporations.

It takes a lot of work to ensure condo buildings are safe, secure and financially stable.

Lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern can manifest itself among directors who are stressed and unable to give the time required to be effective.  This becomes more prevalent when there is a shortage of new individuals interested in serving as condo directors.

Serving as a volunteer condo director can be difficult.  Directors dedicate their time to the community and can be rewarded with hate mail, derogatory comments and abusive behaviour.  Even the most capable and nicest of people can tire of the abuse.  They may become more skeptical of dealing directly with condo owners who can be abusive, intolerant or disrespectful.

Ideally, a condo board is comprised of directors who have served for many years and novices.  New directors tend to be more enthusiastic and offer a fresh perspective.  They offer new priorities and force new thinking upon veteran directors.  That energy can re-motivate longer serving directors.