Federal Election – 2021

September 2021

This is an election no party deserves to win.  None have shown they have what it takes to make responsible decisions.

Our political system is failing.  The Liberals have failed us.  They point to “claimed” successes but the vast majority are unconvinced.  Politicians ask us to ignore history – their failures – and promise to do better.  There are so many issues, and they have been made so complex, most are unable to develop a clear overall opinion.  Canadians rarely vote based on those issues that most affect them.  This has been the formula for successful politicians and they have no desire to change.

The problem we have this election, as with most in recent memory, is that our choices are no better.

During the pandemic our government successfully delivered on the promise of vaccines.  They clearly failed, and continue to fail, on measures to protect against unnecessary spread of the virus.  Needless deaths could have been avoided.

In condominiums, owners get the government they deserve.  They may vote for friends, individuals unqualified to manage affairs of their corporation, and those who make unrealistic promises.  Owners pay the cost in higher condo fees and special assessments.  The same is true of those we elect to government.  We pay the price in broken promises, mismanagement, and higher costs.  This bill comes due within a few years for most condominium corporations.  For elected politicians, the bill usually gets paid long after politicians have left office.

Perhaps its time to simplify all this and do things differently.

We have had many years to evaluate the current Liberal government.  Most are dissatisfied.  They have failed far more than they have succeeded.  There is no logical rationale for rewarding them with another term so they can continue to fail.

The problem we have is that other parties appear no more competent.  Conservatives have failed to present us with an alternative.  NDP and other parties lack any realistic vision of what is practical so are unfit to govern based on past election results.

What if we vote Conservative simply because Liberals failed based on their promises and actions?  Next election we hold Conservatives to this same standard.  If we were to act in this entirely logical way, it won’t be long before politicians realize they will never be re-elected without failing to deliver on past promises during their term.