Fan Coil System Enhancements to Improve Air Quality

August 2021

Fan coil systems lead the way in providing improved air quality to high-rise communities.  The technology has adapted to provide improved health and safety features.

Newer versions include energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) into fan coils and heat pumps.  This increases the amount of fresh air entering suites while reducing energy costs.  Advantages include less moisture in the air, reduced condensation on windows, and a less hospitable environment for mould, mildew, fungi, dust mites and bacteria.

Air purification is another recent innovation.  Fan coils and heat pumps incorporate a range of filters, including those which are high-efficiency, to improve air filtration.  Systems can remove 99.99 percent of airborne impurities while cleaning air entering suites.

Enhancements to fan coil systems can help reduce energy use by controlling internal air pressure to prevent unwanted outside air from entering a suite.

For the average Toronto residential suite, heat pumps and fan coils can recirculate the air in about ten minutes.  The typical lifespan for a heat pump is 15 years.  Fan coils can last 25 years before requiring replacement.