Family Friendly Condos

October 2017

“Family friendly” is the phrase currently used to entice families to own a condo.

It is generally agreed that “family friendly” does not mean larger condo suites.  Larger suites cost more to build and purchase thus making them unaffordable to most families.

“Family friendly” means a minimum of two bedrooms.  Three is better when they can be found.

Creating a “family friendly” condo without more space requires a reallocation of available space.  This generally means smaller bedrooms with space reallocated for living and storage.  Closets may be deeper and the living room larger.

“Family friendly” means family oriented amenities such as indoor or outdoor play areas for children.  Perhaps daycare facilities or water play area.  Social programming should include activities for children.

The surrounding neighbourhood likely includes walkable streets, playgrounds, parks, schools and transit.  Nearby services likely include a supermarket, drug store, doctor and dentist.

Increasingly, “family friendly” means living downtown.  At one time families tended to migrate to the suburbs where homes cost less and include more land.  Living in the suburbs can also mean requiring one or more cars, higher transportation costs and longer commutes.  For today’s families, less space is an acceptable trade-off for shorter commutes and more family time.