Fallout from Hoarding

October 2019

A single hoarder can create a nightmare scenario for any community.

Extreme clutter increases the risk of fire.  Rubbish provides food and moisture that becomes a breeding ground for mould, pests and bacteria.  Rubbish may contain bedbugs or other pests.  For these and other reasons it becomes necessary for condo management to deal with a hoarding situation as quickly as possible to avoid future problems that likely include costly and intrusive efforts to return to a state of safety and cleanliness.  Carpets and floors damaged beyond repair, windows that no longer open or close, unusable appliances, smells that are difficult to source and eliminate, plugged drains, faucets that don’t close and water damage are just some of the problems found in a poorly maintained home.

RespondPlus Services returns badly damaged multi-residential buildings to pre-loss condition.  Lee Hopwood, General Manager, explains the ongoing problems resulting from severe hoarding.  “In a condo community, the cost of a poorly maintained home can be unknowingly paid by all condo owners until such time as a problem is identified and addressed.  Lingering odours may remain long after cleaning because of mould hidden behind walls or in ceilings.  Mould and bedbugs can spread from a hoarder suite to others in the building thus requiring a more extensive cleanup area.”

Restoring a hoarded suite to a safe living environment is a proactive goal.  Restoring other affected suites is a far more intensive, costly and intrusive reactive goal to be avoided.