Fall Flowers

St. James Park in the Fall

September 2017

Condo buildings with extensive planting areas should consider twice yearly plantings to ensure these spaces present well.

Spring plantings will usually last until mid or late September.  Flowers and plantings that have more vibrant colours generally do not survive the cooler weather of late September.   By October these plantings are dead.

A fall planting will ensure these spaces look good until December.

Those choosing not to undertake a fall planting leave open ground or dead plants.  They present to residents and the public an impression that the property is not well maintained.  This impression can negatively impact on property resale values and vacancy rates in a building.

An alternate approach, employed by the city in areas such as St. James Park, is to do a spring planting that will survive the fall weather.  Such plantings replace the vibrant colours of summer with unique plants that look different as the year progresses.

For assistance identifying Landscaping vendors, Condo Resource Guide can help.  Look under Landscaping and Gardening Services.


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