Fact vs. Opinion – One is easy, the other is correct

August 2020

When condo owners disagree with a course of action and find the data inconsistent with their beliefs some choose to fabricate conspiracy theories.  They may invoke “new math” to justify certain beliefs or a direction they prefer to follow.


Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts”

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan
New York

When it comes to decision making in condo communities, directors are more effective when they rely on fact rather than opinion and belief.

It can be frustrating when dealing with problems, some of which are complex, under constant scrutiny.  Rapidly changing technologies facilitate controversy by making it easy to misrepresent fact.  First we had twenty-four-hour cable television, then blogs and Twitter.  The immediacy of today’s communication mediums makes it harder to explain fact to an audience unwilling to take the time to learn or understand.

This societal direction makes it harder for condo boards to govern than it needs to be.

The ease with which people share opinions, and incorrect information, makes it harder for condo directors to be effective.  Strident and uninformed individuals opposing one view tend to receive more attention than those who are calm and reasonable.

Personal attacks have become easier and more effective at dissuading people against prudent judgement.  Thoughtful analysis takes time.  It takes even more time to justify action based on thoughtful analysis when a community is too easily swayed by opinion.