Exterior Building Repairs

September 2023

What happens on the exterior of your building impacts the inside.  Roof repairs or replacement, window work and façade updates require the use of and access to interior spaces.

Construction projects are disruptive.  Damage or breakage is inevitable, not intentional.

Exterior work creates vibrations throughout interior and shared walls causing damage and requiring repair.  Nails may pop out of walls, and plaster can break or crack.  Windows may be damaged.  Depending on the extent of work, it may be necessary to have residents remove items from and furniture away from walls.  Residents should be informed, in advance, when noise from drilling and other activities is likely to occur so they can plan accordingly.

Window replacements are viewed as an exterior project despite nearly all work occurring inside.  Supplies are stored in common areas and transported by elevator to units when needed.  Old windows are removed and transported through common areas.  New windows are prepped and installed from inside.  Everything within six feet of the inside working area needs to be removed so contractors can work without causing damage.

Parking area work is extremely disruptive.  Noise and odour can travel throughout a building despite work being restricted to outdoor or underground areas.

During exterior building projects, interior spaces need to be protected from water and weather.  Missing bricks, mortar and window sections should be covered when not being worked on to protect the interior from water, cold and wind.

Most building repairs go smoothly.  Those few that don’t go smoothly cause added stress for the condo board, owners and management.  Advance planning and good communication keep problems and complaints to a minimum.