Exterior Building Maintenance

June 2020

Home is, for most, their single biggest investment.  In a condo community the value of this investment is determined by how the unit and common areas, interior and exterior, are maintained.  Keeping everything operational is not enough.  Appearance of buildings and grounds are important.

Grounds and the building are the first things people see.  If this public face is not clean and well maintained any potential buyer is likely to downgrade the value of everything else.

Extra care is required after inclement weather.

The easiest way to ensure a property is well maintained is to walk the property daily looking for anything that doesn’t look right.  Look at roofs, windows, caulking, painting, walkways and roadways, downspouts and parking areas.  All should be regularly inspected and properly maintained.  Minor repairs and cleanup noted during daily walks can be undertaken before they require more costly repair jobs.  Areas of concern can be more closely or more frequently inspected.  This works best if a schedule is developed for inspections and adhered to.

  • Ivy can damage masonry if allowed to grow.
  • Dirt on a building façade can conceal missing or damaged mortar thus allowing water infiltration while reducing curb appeal. Use pressure washing or mild detergent for cleaning and to remove stains.  Remove gum or stickers placed on the building, walkways or equipment.  Have graffiti removed by professionals.
  • Pressure wash vinyl siding in the spring and fall.
  • Paint areas prone to moss build-up to discourage its growth.
  • After a freeze-thaw period look for damaged or protruding bricks that can lead to more damage.
  • After a rainstorm check downspouts and grates to ensure they remain clear of debris. Clear branches that may injure or trip.


A clean and neat exterior is an indication of good maintenance and management.