Excessive Heating in Suites

April 2023

Outside the temperature is a comfortable 23 C but your suite is way too hot.  Why the discrepancy and how can internal temperatures be moderated?

Temperature discrepancies of a few degrees are common in high-rise buildings:

  • On sunny days, the side of a building exposed to the sun can be warmer.
  • Depending on your building’s HVAC or heating system, warmer air can enter your suite even when the system is turned off. This can cause the internal temperature to deviate a few degrees from the thermostat setting.
  • The middle portion of a building can draw heat from neighbouring suites.

Ensure your thermostat is working properly.  Dropping the thermostat to a lower temperature can offer a partial solution to cooling off the space.  Window coverings can help prevent an interior from overheating from the sun and loss of heat during cooler periods.

When the temperature discrepancy is greater than a few degrees there can be a problem.  Most buildings are heated by a central furnace.  If it is failing to turn off and over-heating your suite, management should be informed.  The furnace may require maintenance or repair.  If walls are particularly warm there may be an electrical issue.  This can cause a fire so should be checked out.

All heat has a source.  If your suite is uncomfortably warm and no heat source is apparent, there could be a more serious problem that needs to be identified.