Evolving High-Rise Technologies

October 2023

Technology is changing how people get around their buildings, park their cars and access services.  89 Avenue in Yorkville features technologies that may someday make their way into all high-rise buildings.  The community will offer enhanced digital resources that are increasingly important for offering convenience.

A multi-level automated parking system designed to accommodate the largest of luxury vehicles is being installed in the building.  A valet or owner drives the vehicle onto a pallet.  A personal code is entered and the vehicle is lowered into the underground garage and stored in the first available space.  The same code is used to retrieve the vehicle.  The system learns personal habits and schedules.  It moves vehicles closer to the “front” when it “anticipates” vehicles will be retrieved to reduce waiting.  Parking pallets include charging stations for electric vehicles, and trickle chargers so car batteries do not die if unused for an extended period of time.  Nobody needs to wander alone in an underground garage and feel unsafe.  Security of vehicles is enhanced.  Without residents accessing the garage, there is no need to provide heat and lighting.

Destination elevators will provide direct uninterrupted access going up and down.  Technology will recognize when a resident enters the building and will bring the elevator to ground level.  A separate elevator will be available for pets, service people or for moving.

A customized mobile app will allow residents to connect directly to the building’s concierge team including the porter, valet and security.  It will also connect with local restaurants, salons, spas, gyms and other service providers.  An online booking system is integrated for restaurant reservations and which will provide menus.

Other digital conveniences that have received more widespread adoption include keyless entry systems, upgraded security solutions and automated parcel systems.  All are contactless solutions capitalizing on the widespread use of mobile phones for increased convenience and control over suite and building features.

It is now possible to unlock front and lobby doors, set your in-suite temperature, see who is calling from the lobby, receive notifications about package arrival, book amenities and more just by pushing buttons on your mobile phone.

It may not be long before metal keys for opening doors are obsolete.