Evolution of Lighting

April 2021

Many condo units are created with insufficient lighting.  What looks good in daytime hours can be a challenge after dusk.  Rather than renovate to install ceiling lights and using an electrician, many struggle with inadequate table and floor lamps.

Residential lighting has evolved.  Incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes were common in the 1980s.  Over the last ten years LED lights have improved and grown in popularity.  Manufacturers have begun producing more and better quality LED lighting in place of older lighting.

Lighting can be as important to any renovation as furniture, appliances and flooring.  Without proper lighting it can be hard to create a warm and cozy home.  LED technology allows lighting effects that include changing colours and dimming to reflect time of day, mood or application.  It allows for a better lifestyle experience in the home.

Artificial lighting is composed of three layers; ambient lighting, task or accent lighting, and decorative lighting.  LED products facilitate all uses without generating heat and with lower voltages.  Desired lighting can vary when reading, watching television or working.  Preferences change along with time of day and year, intensity of sun and other factors.  Being able to adjust lighting conditions for current needs and circumstances makes the home more comforting and practical.

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