Evicting Bad Residents

September 2022

Removing a “bad” resident is not easy.

The power of a condominium corporation is limited when it comes to removing troublesome or non-paying owners and/or their tenants.  Property owners have rights which must be respected by condominium corporations.

With few exceptions, the only way to remove a condo owner is if they default on payment of fees.  The corporation can file to obtain a lien, foreclose the lien, then proceed to sell the unit.  It is more difficult to remove owners for non-monetary reasons.

Condominium boards lack legal standing to remove a tenant regardless of how offensive their behaviour or actions may be.  Tenants are responsible to the owner of a unit in accordance with any valid lease or contract.  Where a tenant has failed to abide by rules of the condominium corporation, management must require the unit owner to comply with community rules.

Most leases require that tenants comply with condominium rules.  Failure to do so can be cause for eviction.