Everything You Always Wanted To Know About How Condos Work

August 2016

A quiz for condo owners, residents and boards

  1. All unit owners are the Property Manager’s boss.
  2. All of the Condominium Corporation’s legal documents must be signed by the Property Manager.
  3. Owners, or tenants, have the right to carry out any lawful behaviour within their condominium unit – this includes smoking.
  4. Each year’s budget is prepared by the Board of Directors, but must be ratified at a meeting of unit owners.
  5. The Condominium Act requires all homeowners to have a fire extinguisher in their unit.
  6. A Standard Unit Bylaw must include everything that was in the original unit before upgrades.
  7. Committees can be set up by any interested residents to carry out activities and events in the building.
  8. All discussions at Board meetings are confidential.
  9. New building codes and municipal regulations only apply to new condominium buildings; older buildings are always “grandfathered”.
  10. Accommodation of a resident’s disabilities must be met on the common elements if the resident is willing to bear the cost of such modifications.

 Thank you to Judy Edelman and Pam Churchill
of the Yonge Corridor Condominium Association (YCCA) who created this quiz.

See below for answers.