Establish Realistic Security Expectations

September 2016

Expectations for condo security should be realistic.

No single security solution works for all condo buildings. Building residents need to determine what level of protection is appropriate for their safety and security, and how much they are prepared to spend for this protection.

Condo residents can, at times, be unrealistic about their expectations regarding building security. Some tend to visualize security concerns that have never occurred while failing to consider the cost of protecting against such scenarios.

Condo Resident Security Obligations

It is unreasonable to expect condo security to be effective at dealing with all security issues particularly when residents fail to take reasonable precautions.

Condo residents frequently contribute to security concerns by letting individuals into the building by not being aware. They may fail to close a secure door as they enter or leave the building. They may be less than diligent about security when providing keys or access devices to individuals who do not reside in the building.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are one component of building security. They can effectively monitor areas 24 hours a day and do act as a deterrent.

A live video feed must be monitored by an individual if security cameras are to proactively protect residents. This is an expensive undertaking requiring more employees than a condo corporation is often willing to employ. It is for this reason that condo security is assigned tasks that require them to leave the main security desk or otherwise have their attention diverted from security camera monitors.

Security feeds are usually recorded and not actively monitored. They tend to be reviewed after an incident has taken place. This is helpful in identifying individuals and preventing further incidents.

Security Guards

Typically, condo security guards are expected to walk around a property with the goal of detecting problems or ensuring everything is in order. Yet doing so can leave the main door uncovered and live security feeds unmonitored thereby creating a security risk.

One solution may be to employ multiple security guards during a single shift. This can be costly and unjustified when security problems are infrequent. Another solution may be to institute more stringent controls on the number of spare keys or building access devices available while actively monitoring their use for abuses. One example of this is requiring residents to report lost or missing electronic access devices while making them responsible for misuse of any in their name.



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