Ensure a Strong AGM Turnout

September 2017

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the one meeting required for a condo corporation each year.

Despite its importance, many condo owners are indifferent to attending this meeting.  Perhaps this is because too many AGMs are boring and uninformative.

A condo purchase is a significant commitment that should result in strong attendance at the AGM.  Lack of attendance likely results from a failure of the board to convey the importance of this meeting.  It can also result from a reputation for boring, ineffective or uninformative meetings.

Running an efficient, enjoyable and informative meeting, and effective communication of the meeting well in advance, will help improve resident turnout.  Proper planning, content and effort in advance of an AGM can eliminate the risk of failing to meet quorum, having to reschedule the meeting and related costs.

Plan your meeting so that it meets legal requirements of an AGM but include information intended to encourage attendance.  Rather than a boring summary of what was done over the past year, promote something exciting that is planned or will be considered in the coming year.  Use this as an opportunity to obtain resident input.

Stay on schedule.  Start the meeting on time and end on time.

Turn the meeting into a social event.  Include a social period with food or snacks after the meeting ends.

Use all available channels to promote your AGM.  This includes your newsletter, elevator and hallway postings, website, e-mail, texting, social media and condo management software.  Communication of the AGM should commence months in advance.  As the date approaches, new communications should go out weekly.  In your communications, focus on the exciting new information to be conveyed at the meeting.

Condo owners want to know about the financials, problems and challenges impacting on their investment and home.  Indifference to the AGM is an indication, often based on past experience, that the AGM offers nothing of value to them.

Fixing the meeting can resolve the problem of poor attendance.