Enforcement of Condo Rules

April 2017

Rules were made to be broken. So it is no big deal if you provide a family member or friend with a key to your building, spare fob or the buzzer code. Perhaps you pay your condo fees a little late each month.

Bending or breaking condo rules can be a big deal with serious consequences. Providing non-residents with a way to access a building on their own is a breach of security that can result in property damage, theft or worse. It creates mistrust among neighbours. Paying condo fees late assumes that others will pay your share of building expenses. It requires additional record keeping and collection costs for which others pay.

Other common rules that are problematic for condo communities include improper disposal of trash and short-term rental of condo suites.

Condo corporations have numerous ways to deal with rule breakers. When conversation or written notices fail to ensure compliance with rules, there are options to consider before getting lawyers involved.

One option is to revoke of certain privileges. Condo corporations are not obligated to accept packages on behalf of residents, or provide equipment that may be desired such as table tennis paddles or pool cues. There is no requirement for a concierge to announce guests or allow them access to the building. Attendance at social activities may be restricted to those current in paying their condo fees and in compliance with condo rules.

Where privileges are being revoked, condo rules should clearly state which privileges will be suspended and under which circumstances.