Energy Efficiency is Hard to See

November 2020

Perhaps the greatest challenge in energy efficiency is that it is hard to see.

Condo communities tend to place greater importance on other environmental issues that include air quality, garbage and water quality.  When something smells, looks ugly or tastes bad people notice.

Energy efficiency is largely invisible.  Systems are placed behind walls, in mechanical rooms or other areas unseen by most.

Energy efficiency is hard to measure.  It is nearly impossible to determine what energy usage would have been without submeters or other equipment.

Yet poor energy efficiency is perhaps the greatest ongoing cost burden to condo residents and condominium corporations.  It results in higher condo fees each and every month.  Cost savings take a year or longer to impact on condo fees and may be used for other purposes thus obscuring the savings.

Improving energy efficiency by reducing overall usage provides long-term savings that continue for many years.