Energy and Water Usage Reporting for Buildings

April 2024

Mandatory benchmarking and reporting on energy and water use is now here for all condo buildings.  Large buildings have been reporting energy usage since 2020.  Starting in 2023, reporting is mandatory for all buildings including multi-residential high-rises, low-rises and townhome complexes.

It has been five years since Ontario mandated reporting of energy and water usage in larger buildings.  See New Energy Reporting Requirements and Energy Reporting Mandatory in 2023 in the Condo Archives for more information.

Toronto recently passed a comparable by-law, Municipal Code 367, mirroring the Ontario legislation, and has created a portal allowing buildings to report their data to both the city and province using a free online tool.

Effective in 2025, owners of buildings that are 929 square metres (10,000 square feet) or larger will be required to report their energy and water use to the City.

Click here for more information on reporting of building energy and water usage, and to report this information.