Is your Elevator Working Properly

December 2017

Your elevator is a crucial building component expected to operate 24 hours a day seven days a week.

An elevator is comprised of hundreds of mechanical, electrical and electronic parts that must be maintained on a regular basis.  Keeping it operational requires ongoing reviews, maintenance and repairs.

Building management can be proactive by undertaking a periodic elevator system review.  Identified problems require the services of a qualified elevator technician.

  • Breakdowns – more than six per year for an elevator is cause for concern.
  • Ensure the emergency alarm and/or telephone is operating.
  • All hall and elevator indicator lights, and floor indicators, should be working correctly.
  • All elevator car lights and ventilation fans should be operating.
  • Elevator doors should operate smoothly. At stops any noises, scrapes or bumping of passenger doors should be noted.
  • Elevators should start and stop smoothly. Stopping abruptly or hesitation at floors after buttons are pressed should be noted.
  • Elevator car should stop level with the floor at each stop so passengers will not trip.
  • Squeaks, scrapes or vibrations when elevators are moving should be noted.
  • Elevators should each run at similar speed

Identified problems indicate that elevators require maintenance or, possibly, replacement.

Regular maintenance helps ensure elevators run for longer periods without trouble while avoiding premature upgrades or modernization.

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