Elevator Closures in Condo Buildings

June 2016

Elevators are being closed in condo buildings for compliance issues through no fault of condo management.

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority, or TSSA, is the governing authority over elevator operations. It is requiring some condo corporations to shut down one or more elevators because of incomplete records or uncompleted service orders. These failures are often the fault of companies contracted to maintain and service the elevators.

TSSA ensures that elevators conform to the Technical Standards and Safety Act and applicable regulations, codes and standards. The organization reviews and registers elevating devices, issues licences, conducts inspections and performs incident investigations.

TSSA conducts periodic inspections of elevators. Inspectors have authority to remove elevators from operation.

A shortage of trained elevator technicians appears to be the problem. This is resulting in condo buildings being required to shut down elevators for extended periods.

Demand for elevator technicians has outpaced available staffing by most, possibly all, elevator companies. This has resulted in servicing delays and incomplete records. When a TSSA audit of a condo corporation’s elevators finds incomplete records or servicing, elevators can and are being shut down until matters are resolved to the satisfaction of TSSA.

The closure of elevators has been a challenge to condo management struggling to keep people moving in their buildings.

For information on TSSA, visit its website at


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