Elevator and Lobby Digital Display Screens – Better communication is the goal

May 2020

Communication can be a low priority for condo boards and management focused on keeping their community running smoothly.  There simply isn’t time to navigate and manage the many media choices and communication necessary in their communities.

Digital displays have become the standard virtually everywhere for good reason.  Condo communities have been slow to adopt this highly effective technology preferring to rely on cork bulletin boards.

Digital displays are easier to manage. One person can post messages on all displays from their desk rather than requiring someone to run around removing old postings and replace with new information.

Digital displays allow for concurrent messages whereas cork boards are limited to one or two messages.  Management typically has much to share with residents at any one time.  Messages can be scheduled to be added or removed at set times.

Digital displays are viewed daily. Most ride the elevator and check mail each day.  Displays in these locations virtually assure regular viewing.  Viewing is increased when communications are designed with larger text, graphics and colour.

Unlike e-mail and other electronic technologies, digital displays require a financial investment and separate technology.  Its benefits should, for most communities, outweigh any cost.

Screen Advertising

Some frown on the use of digital displays for advertising. Yet this can be an effective way to make residents aware of their local surroundings while generating funds for internal events or programming.


Digital displays are only as effective as the content they display.  Some communities offer constant news, weather and entertainment on their digital displays by subscribing to a service that may integrate paid advertising.  Others retain complete control over their digital displays by creating an array of content designed to inform and educate in a positive and engaging manner.

While cork boards are inexpensive, their limitations make them less than ideal for any community focused on improving communication.