Electricity Expenditure Increases of 20%+ in 2016

February 2016

Electricity price increases already in effect

Condo corporations without electricity submetering can expect fee increases in excess of 20% unless they find ways to reduce expenditures in other areas.

Condo owners in condominium buildings that are not submetered can expect a 22.5% increase in electricity bills for 2016.

With electricity accounting for more than 25% of all expenditures in some condominium buildings, this likely represents a nearly 6% increase in condo fees. Actual increases can be expected to be higher resulting from inflation and devaluation of the Canadian dollar.

Electricity prices increased 12.5% effective November 1, 2015. This is slightly more than the anticipated 10% annual increase.

The 10% total electricity bill discount for bulk-metered and submetered condominium buildings ended December 31, 2015. It has been replaced by a new subsidy program for individual suites that are submetered.