Electrical Contractor Requirements

June 2017

Experience has shown that employing electrical contractors lacking sufficient experience can be dangerous.  This was the experience of one homeowner who had a heated floor installed in his home only to die from burns suffered from improper installation.

There are legal requirements to follow, and steps to be taken, to ensure electrical work is done properly.

Ontario law requires the following:

  • Contractor must hold valid electrical contractor licences
  • Permits must be obtained from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)
  • ESA inspections must be obtained

In condo buildings it is advisable to check with your management office to ensure compliance with condo rules.  These requirements may include proof of insurance.  Your management office may  be able to recommend contractors familiar with your building who have a reputation for doing good work.

When work is complete, ask for an ESA Certificate of Inspection to ensure work was done properly.  Retaining a copy of this certificate is a good idea for future resale or insurance purposes.

While it may be possible to save some money by employing a contractor willing to circumvent the law and safety requirements, risk to you and your neighbours of doing so should have you thinking differently.

For information about licensing, permits and general information regarding electrical contractors visit  For assistance identifying condo vendors, Condo Resource Guide can help.  Look under Contractors.