Electric Vehicles on the Way

July 2020

By some estimates one-third of individuals will be driving an electric vehicle by 2030.  Another third will be driving dramatically more expensive gas vehicles.  The remaining one-third will rely on a non-owned driverless vehicle operated by another service.

It’s a new world out there with technology changes affecting many industries.  Automobiles, their use and how they evolve reflect some of the more visible changes likely to impact on the future of condo living.

  • Countries are setting targets for elimination of gas powered vehicles.
  • Most research on driverless vehicles is being done by companies that don’t make cars including Google.
  • The huge data challenge in driverless vehicles is quickly being resolved.
  • Battery capacity remains a challenge in electric vehicles. Some vehicles now go 400 km on a single charge while others are limited to 100 km.
  • GPSs are exceptionally accurate.

Information is being gathered, stored, analyzed and used.  People willingly give up their privacy and personal information in return for benefits or conveniences of technology.

Condo communities will have to adapt.

  • Fewer vehicles being owned will create unused space in areas now reserved for parking.  This space, frequently below a high-rise building, will need to be maintained.  The space can go unused or be repurposed.
  • As use of electric vehicles increases, there will be a corresponding growth in demand for electric vehicle charging stations.

Broader technology changes will also impact on condo living:

  • Your fridge will know when the egg carton is empty and can automatically reorder from Amazon, Whole Foods, Metro or Loblaws.
  • In return for lower vehicle insurance premiums, it may be necessary to accept a car radio that will not turn on unless the seatbelt is fastened.
  • Much of what happens in your home from temperature control to security may be controlled through your mobile phone and a central home network evolving from Amazon’s Alexa, Goggle’s Home and Apple’s Homepod.