Election Campaigns and Our Endorsements

May 2022

Once again, we go to the polls to elect a provincial government.  The election date is June 2, 2022.

During this election, as with recent federal and provincial elections, Toronto Condo News has chosen not to endorse any particular party or candidate.  Unfortunately, this has been an easy choice as we could not find a party or individual worth endorsing.  In the absence of parties or candidates worthy of endorsement we choose to focus on issues of relevance to the condo community.

This was not our plan.  It is what we feel to be necessary considering the approaches taken by each party.  We remain disappointed by the policies promoted by all parties, negative campaigning and a willingness to avoid important issues.

Toronto Condo News looks beyond headlines to try and understand what is not being said.  We try to ignore noise and self-promotion and get to the facts.  Our aim is to be specific about concerns and what we feel are solutions to problems.  It is our belief that only by identifying weaknesses can there be improvement and better service for our communities.  During recent elections, including this one, we remain unable to obtain believable information worthy of publication.

Toronto Condo News remains independent of local organizations, lobby groups, associations and government.  This gives us the flexibility necessary to report on issues and practices as we understand them.  We try to remain critical in our thinking and fair in our coverage.

In future elections we hope there will be candidates and parties worthy of our endorsement.  When this is not the case it will likely be our ongoing recommendation to vote out incumbents and replace them with anyone else.  If those individuals fail to deliver on their promises they should be voted out at the next opportunity.  If this approach were taken by most voters it wouldn’t take long for politicians to figure out that dishonesty and inability to deliver as promised is hazardous to their political future.  We believe condo residents should take a similar approach to electing their directors.