E-Consent Approach Outdated

September 2021

When a condominium community takes initial steps to deliver information to residents electronically one of their first actions is to obtain written permission to receive electronic communication.

Why?  Virtually every online service considers electronic communication to be the default option for reasons that include convenience and cost.  We receive bank statements and home-related invoices in electronic format.  Very few invoices or statements arrive by mail or are hand delivered.

Why must condominium corporations obtain written approval from owners before providing them with electronic communication?

So far as we can tell there is no law, including the Condo Act, neither prohibiting electronic communication nor requiring written approval.

Some claim consent for electronic communication protects against future lawsuits.  We are not aware of a single instance where this has occurred and wonder why it has become so time consuming and expensive for communities to provide communication and information in a form that is faster, saves money, is easier to manage and desirable to a majority of recipients.

It would be more convenient and economical if all communication were provided electronically.  Those preferring written communication or notices could obtain them from the management office or pay a fee to have them mailed.