Dumb Things High-Rise Residents Do – Water Leaks

April 2023

Water leaks are part of high-rise living.  Pipes, dishwashers, clothes washers and toilets leak at times.  A resident may have attempted to hang a bathroom shelf and drilled into the water line.

Multi-family buildings are vulnerable to the risk of water on their building infrastructure, internal furnishings and personal possessions.

Rather than properly repair a leak, far too many leaking pipes have a bowl or cup below to try and “stop” the leak.  Many water leaks have no noticeable cause, likely pinhole leaks in  water pipes behind walls.  A thinning portion of pipe springs a leak unnoticed for an extended period of time.

Even the smallest of leaks can drip down and cause damage to other units and common areas.  Smart water metering products help communities protect, control and conserve water.  They offer a system for monitoring water use and may include a remote automatic shutoff for the main line.  Water sensors can be placed in high-risk locations near water sources to pinpoint the location of leaks or other water-related issues.  A software application can allow management and residents to track water situations and act when issues are detected.

Water sub-metering, or suite metering, combined with moisture detection services ensure water problems are identified and addressed before they cause waste and serious damage.  Building-wide solutions to prevent water leaks from worsening offer a more practical solution to the higher cost of damage and insurance caused by delayed response to water leaks.