Doris Ave. Extension South of Sheppard Ave.

August 2014

The City held a Drop-In Event on March 5 to explain potential changes to the Avondale area resulting from an extension of Doris Ave. south of Sheppard Ave.

This extension has been part of the area plan since 1998 at which time an Environmental Study was undertaken. The City is now undertaking another Environmental Study to determine if a Doris Ave. extension can be built with fewer property and community impacts. This study is expected to be complete by mid-2014.

There is currently no commitment to move beyond an Environmental Study and no funds budgeted for construction. It will be up to City Council to review this new Environmental Study and decide if the extension will be built.

One of the purposes of this extension is to relieve traffic congestion and could impact on the entire stretch of Yonge St. south of Finch Ave. as well as local streets throughout the Yonge North Corridor.

The current study does not appear to fully address the impact of traffic being redirected to the Doris Ave. extension in the Avondale area. No changes to Avondale Ave. are part of this plan. Without identifying how heavier Avondale area traffic would access Yonge St. and Highway 401, the Environmental Study may not be considering the potentially detrimental impact of the partial solution currently being considered.

Construction of a Doris Ave. extension, if it were to occur, would take a number of years to commence.

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