Don’t Burn Down your Building

June 2018

Most condo fires can be avoided by eliminating bad habits.

Appliance Crowding

Appliances require space for heat to dissipate.  Leave space behind and beside appliances.

Safe Use of Extension Cords and Power Bars

Too many items using a single outlet can increase the risk of an electrical fire.  Large or major appliances should be plugged directly into a wall outlet.  Connecting multiple power bars or extension cords can cause an overload and short circuit that result in a fire.  Replace damaged, worn out or compromised extension cords and power bars.  Anything with exposed wiring should be replaced.

Monitor Cooking Food

Unattended cooking is the leading cause of home fires.  Abandoned cooking takes seconds to catch fire.

Never leave Appliances Unattended

Avoid leaving home or sleeping while food is cooking, dishwasher running or clothes cleaned.

Clean Dryer and Ducts

In the USA there are more than 2,900 residential clothes dryer fires reported each year.  A third of these fires are the result of the dryer or duct not being cleaned of lint.  Lint, which is flammable, accumulates in the dryer and vents.  When the dryer is running, heat can cause this lint to burn.

Unattended Candles

Never leave a candle unattended.  It can tip over, be blown over by the wind, or knocked down by a pet or child.  Extinguish candles when you leave a room and make sure they sit in sturdy holders.