Dog Whisperer – Vetting Dogs for Condo Living

November 2019

Few condo buildings are pet-free.  These communities, and the remainder with more limited pet restrictions, deal with ongoing requests to allow pets.  Popular are “support pet” requests to allow a pet in contravention of condo rules to help deal with a nebulous matter that defies clear justification.

One co-op has resorted to having a volunteer, called a “dog whisperer”, “interview” pets of prospective purchasers.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) offers a Canine Good Citizen certification for dog owners to substantiate their pet is ready for condo or co-op living.  This requires the dog to possess certain social skills including obeying commands to sit and stay, walking without pulling on the leash, and accepting of handling by a veterinarian.  The organization conducts about 2,500 tests a year.

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