Dog Amenities – Dog-washing stations

February 2020

Dog-washing stations provide residents with a practical amenity that benefits not just pet owners but the entire community.

That condo sink and tub has a drain that can clog with dog fur.  A dog wash station, which can cost from $4,500 to $10,000 inclusive of all equipment, includes a drainage system capable of handling dog fur.  Fewer clogged drains and less dirt throughout condo areas benefits everyone.  Dog-washing spaces may be as small as 100 square feet and include a utility sink and stainless steel tub.  More extensive systems, described as dog spas, include wall-mounted blow dryers and grooming tables.

For dog owners, a dog-washing station or pet spa becomes a social space to meet other dog owners.

Some communities provide a dog washing station as a free amenity.  Others may charge a one-time, monthly or per-use fee.

Dog wash stations should be located close to elevators and with easy access to the outside.  Locating the station near a side entrance allows dog owners to clean muddy pets before bringing them through the lobby or hallways.

Wall and floor finishes should be resistant to moisture and easy to clean.  Slip-resistant floors should have a dog-friendly coating.  The ventilation system should keep odours from leaving the room.  Sound-absorbing tiles can keep barking from being heard outside the room.

Conveniences for dogs and their owners

  • Provide a ramp for dogs to enter the tub
  • Tubs and taps should be located so dogs don’t face each other while bathing
  • Use non-slip grooming mats on drying tables so pets don’t slip
  • Mount dryers and other grooming tools below tables for easy access
  • Incorporate lockers for short-term or long-term storage of personal cleaning and grooming supplies
  • Offer dog-grooming services