Diversity on the Condo Board

December 2019

Diversity is rarely a consideration for condo boards.  While condo boards should have representation reflecting the diversity of its residents, this worthy goal is not always possible.

Condo elections can be decided by owners voting for friends and neighbours with no concern for diversity.  It is inappropriate for management or directors to endorse candidates in the name of diversity as this would be perceived as discrimination.

It can be difficult to find candidates to represent their community for a voluntary position that takes time away from families.  There is a significant time commitment and a large degree of abuse.  Few are willing to take on this role.  Adding diversity to the mix can reduce the pool of qualified and capable candidates.

At one time diversity referred to gender or race.  Today, diversity incorporates religion, sexual orientation, age and other factors.

Few condo boards are comprised of more than five directors.  There is little opportunity for diversity considerations on a board of this size.

The greatest impediment to diversity on condo boards may be too few people willing to serve as directors.  The small candidate pool means corporations are frequently required to accept whoever is willing to serve.  The only way this may change is if directors receive compensation for their time.

Condo boards tend to be comprised of individuals who have lived in the community longest.  They have the greatest financial and emotional attachment, a greater concern for their community and the time to serve.  They tend to be older residents who are more financially secure.  Their priorities and interests differ from those who are single, beginning families or struggling with mortgages and other debt.