Dissatisfied with Management

April 2024

Nobody seems accountable in our building and situations seem to be handled in a careless manner.

How do we ensure management and the board are meeting standards and following regulations?

One of many concerns is making sure health and safety measures are maintained and that regulations are being followed.


Response from Toronto Condo News

It is in the interests of all building residents that a property be well-managed.  When this is not the case, everyone suffers.

Management for a condominium building is employed by your condo board.  It is their job to ensure management is operating at an appropriate standard and following regulations including maintaining health and safety measures.  It is not your role, as an owner, to deal with these matters beyond electing directors to serve on the condo board and represent your interest.

It is not clear what you mean when you say management is not accountable and situations are handled in a careless manner.  Management reports to and is accountable to the condo board.

If you have concerns about management and are an owner, bring these concerns to the attention of your condo board.  It is up to them to decide if your concerns have merit and are to be acted on.  If you and a majority of owners are dissatisfied with how your condo board is managing your home and community, including their choices for management and how they are directed to operate, individual directors can be replaced at the next election or sooner.

If you are a tenant, any concerns should be addressed to your landlord.

If there are specific safety concerns such as not adhering to fire regulations, you can consider approaching your local fire department and asking them how to report your concerns.

See Condo Building Management – Management Office in the Condo Archives for more about condominium management.

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