Disaster Preparations

July 2019

High-rise building residents are more vulnerable to disaster situations.  Any number of circumstances can result in people being stuck on higher floors without power or water and unable to escape.

Few consider how to prepare for these situations.

One 18th-floor resident has made herself as prepared as she can.  Her emergency food rations can last for three weeks.  Gallons of fresh water are stored in the bathroom.  There is a first aid kit and camping equipment.  She has face masks, protective eyeglasses, vest and hard hat in case she needs to dig out of rubble.  Disaster preparation items are stored under the bed and in closets.

This individual feels it is worth the time and money to prepare for a worst-case scenario instead of being dependent on others should disaster strike.  She recognizes that local government is unlikely to provide timely assistance in the event of a disaster and is equipped with the resources believed to be necessary to survive a disaster that may not only disrupt power but damage the entire high-rise building.