Dirty Windows

June 2016

There is a shortage of window cleaners to service high-rise condo buildings.

The dramatic growth in high-rise condo buildings has resulted in a shortage of companies, and people, capable of doing this high-wire work.

High-rise buildings may have windows cleaned twice yearly. There are not enough companies available to keep up with this task. Some condo corporations have employed individuals rather than fully staffed companies to undertake this work rather than abandoning window cleaning. This can result in poorly cleaned windows, partial window cleaning or failure of cleaners to show up. Inclement weather makes the task of getting some contractors to complete this work even more challenging.

Condo corporations resorting to individual freelancers, when available, lack the dependability of an annual cleaning contract and must seek out new window cleaners each year. This time consuming task requires more time of condo management which would be better used to deal with other management issues.