Directors and Officers

January 2024

While most condominium owners are aware of their board of directors, few understand the difference between directors and officers

Each condominium corporation is managed by a board of directors.  Directors are elected by condominium owners for terms ranging from one to three years.  Officers are appointed by the board.

The Condo Act requires the board to appoint at least two officers for the roles of president and secretary.  Additional officers may be appointed in accordance with corporation governing documents or by resolution of the board.

Officers who are not also directors do not have to attend board meetings nor are they allowed to participate in votes at these meetings.

Only the president of the corporation must also be a director.  Anyone can serve as an officer.  Owners cannot vote to remove officers.  They can vote to remove directors before the end of their term if at least 50 percent of unit owners support a removal  at a properly called meeting of owners.

Officers may be appointed by the board to replace a director that has resigned, or to obtain expertise the board feels is lacking.