Digital Links in Toronto Condo News Articles – Letter to the Editor

September 2021

How about changing the format of this magazine to digital so links to specific articles can be shared easily electronically instead of this awkward pdf format?




Response from Toronto Condo News

Toronto Condo News is published in three formats.  We find this approach more conducive to accommodating varied reader preferences.  Those digital links to articles you have requested are available if you access the proper format or page on our site.

  • Our pdf format, which you refer to, is available for those who want to print the magazine or redistribute it through a condominium community via their internal communication systems. In this format you will find mentioned companies and ads are linked to the relevant website.
  • Our magazine format is for those who prefer a traditional magazine layout. This technology does not allow for active digital links to identified companies or advertising.
  • If you prefer reading individual articles online, Condo Archives offers this feature.  Go to Articles, on this page, shows the most current articles at the top.  On this page you can search for information by selecting a category on the left or entering information in the search bar. Within each article you will see share buttons at the top (see example below).  These allow you to more easily send the viewed article to someone via e-mail or post on your social media site.

We continuously evaluate reader preferences to receiving Toronto Condo News, and accessing Condo Archives and Condo Resource Guide.  What you see today is the result of a major revision three years ago plus ongoing updates as technology and reader preferences change.

Your comments are appreciated and I hope this is helpful.