Determining the Condo Vote

May 2023

Condo owners are required to vote on certain matters that include electing or removing directors; changes to common elements or assets of the corporation; and to make, amend or repeal by-laws.  When doing so, two independent counts are necessary.

Quorum refers to the number of units that must be represented, in person or by proxy and not in arrears by 30 days or more, to transact business at a meeting.  This requires 25 percent of units in the corporation.  If there have been two failed attempts at achieving quorum, this drops to 15 percent for subsequent attempts for the annual general meeting (AGM), turnover meeting, or any meeting to elect directors or appoint an auditor.  Only residential units are counted.  This excludes parking, storage and other types of units.

Once quorum has been met, business can be transacted at the meeting.  This business can include decisions on which owners are required to vote.  Proxy refers to appointing another person to attend a meeting of owners and vote on behalf of the owner providing the proxy.  The proxy holder physically takes the place of an owner at a meeting and does not need to be an owner.  Proxies cannot be used for board meetings.