Delivery of Alcohol to Condo Buildings

August 2017

With the LCBO now offering delivery of alcohol to residences, condo corporations should prepare prior to accepting these deliveries.

Canada Post requires that anyone under the age of 25 receiving an alcohol shipment first confirm their age. Accepting alcohol packages at the concierge desk comes with the responsibility of ensuring that alcohol is not accepted by a resident under the age of 19. This may require residents picking up packages to provide identification confirming they are of legal drinking age. It may also be necessary to maintain a log showing who has picked up packages containing alcohol inclusive of date, time, name and age of recipient.

Accepting more packages may be a challenge for condo corporations already short of space for storage of packages for residents.

LCBO online purchases of $50 or more can be delivered to your home in 2 – 3 days for a fee of $12.

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